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Linux — Why?

I jumped on the open source bandwagon because of the freedom it offers, but as my blog attests, only three distros have been able to work on my system — Fedora Core 5, MEPIS and Knoppix. Mandriva detected the wrong screen resolution for a while. I’ve come to realize that my system is both 64-bit […]

International Weblogger’s Day

I’ve been up all night creating a new theme for Gbenga. He’s been on my neck for a while and I don’t like disappointing people. I’m going to ask him for a ‘small’ fee, however — that’s how life goes. Blogging is very interesting and I’m proud to be networking with lots of bloggers from […]

The Blue Lotus

“Lao Tzu said: ‘You, must find the way!’ I’ve found it. You must find it too… So I’m going to cut off your head. Then you’ll know the truth!” These are the words of Didi, the son of Wang Chen-yee, Tintin’s greatest helper [apart from Snowy] in The Blue Lotus. I first read most of […]


I don’t really know much about tagging but Jonah tagged me. Well, here goes. Accent — I’m proudly Nigerian Booze — I don’t drink Chore I hate — Tidying up someone else’s badly written code. Dogs / Cats — Cats are neat and cute. Essential Electronics — My desktop. Maybe a server. Favourite Perfume — […]

Windows Vista: A Tale of Woe

Poor Microsoft. Everyone expects them to be super-perfect at doing everything. Little wonder when I got my key to the Windows Vista Beta 2, I downloaded both the 32 and 64-bit versions to two of my last three blank DVDs. The first thing I thought of when I saw the welcome screen was a Mac […]

Excerpt: The Farce

I’ve taken off the former prologue and started with something I think is more feminine. Here’s an excerpt from what I’ve written so far: Ramat stood in the rain, fiddling with her car keys and trying to get one into the keyhole. She was completely soaked — her blouse stuck like a second skin, and […]