I don’t really know much about tagging but Jonah tagged me. Well, here goes.

Accent — I’m proudly Nigerian
Booze — I don’t drink
Chore I hate — Tidying up someone else’s badly written code.
Dogs / Cats — Cats are neat and cute.
Essential Electronics — My desktop. Maybe a server.
Favourite Perfume — People think I’m crazy when I say perfume gives me a runny nose. I don’t wear my clothes more than once, however.
Gold / Silver — None.
Hometown — Abbi, Delta where we have many unsavoury characters.
Insomnia — I’ve got to fetch a dictionary.
Job Title — Etudiant / Freelance Web Developer.
Kids — I love children. I intend to have just two when the ‘time’ comes.
Living arrangements — Live in the school dorms.
Most admired trait – ???
Number of sexual partners — Let’s just say I haven’t been broken in.
Overnight hospital stays — Four times in my life.
Phobia — Depths, snakes.
Quote — Look up Linus’ Law.
Religion — I like to think I’m christian but…
Siblings — We’re all boys. I’ve got an elder and a younger.
Time I usually wake — My internal clock’s set at 6:12 AM.
Unusual talent — Eating pints of vanilla icecream.
Vegetable I refuse to eat — Lettuce.
Worst habit — I’m always a-tapping my fingers on anything when I’m not near a keyboard.
X-rays — Had them twice — never want any again.
Yummy foods I make — All my food is yummy. I wouldn’t want to spoil my mom’s legacy would I?
Zodiac sign — Scorpio.

Continuing the dreaded custom, I tag Leornadia, Queenzy and Gbenga.


  1. Lizzy says:

    Perfumes get in my nose too. But i use them. I spray it in the air, Then hold my nose and run into it. When it’s not too strong or directly sprayed, i don’t get running nose that fast. BTW, the perfume i use is Good. Romance by ralph lauren. It’s not those strong, gimme running nose, kinda perfumes.

    Most admired trait: being different in a cool way. Or, making weird stuffs look un-weird? lol..

  2. Afropinay says:

    hahaha.. nice..

    I dont know but I love something abuot snakes.. im weird anyways..:D

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