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I exist as two entities — Azuka in real life, and Zahymaka on the net. I like to feel I say only reasonable things in real life but sadly, that doesn’t happen to be what I do in cyberspace.

I decided to look at the various forums I’m on and cut down on the useless posts I’ve been making — Nairaland in particular. The useless post-making is what keeps me online most of the time anyway.

For the past few weeks I’ve stopped making posts in ‘Games’ or such things because they’re a plain bore. That’s me — redefining Zahymaka.


  1. davidylan says:

    If only those “kids” that populate nairaland will go and do likewise, we’d have more interesting posts to read and they won’t be; iravs beyonce, are u a virgin?, why?why?why?, what are you eating now?, what are you thinking now? and all other stupid topics that surprisingly seems to draw more posts than the entire politics section put together.

  2. Thumbs up David.

  3. Nwoke says:

    [[snip: why don’t you send him an e-mail?]] 🙂

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