An Analyst/Programmer dies and is met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. Saint Peter asks him if he wants to go to Heaven or Hell.

‘You mean I get to choose?’ the man asks. ‘Oh yes, you can have a look at each and then decide for yourself.’ Saint Peter replies. Saint Peter points into the window of Heaven where people are relaxing, reading books and chatting. All seems very pleasant.

Then Saint Peter points into the window of Hell where there is a distinct party atmosphere, music and laughter can be heard and people are definitely having fun. ‘I think I’ll opt for Hell’ says the Analyst/Programmer, ‘It looks much better to me!’

So, Saint Peter lifts the ’phone and asks the Devil to come and escort the man to Hell.

On their arrival, the door opens to reveal a hot smelly room full of people shovelling rubbish. The Devil hands him a shovel.

‘What’s going on – what about the place Saint Peter showed me?’ asks the man, in a panic.

‘Ah,’ smiles the Devil, ‘that was the demo’.

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