I’ve always been this way — people around me hardly ever know how I feel, because I hardly ever talk. Sometimes I get annoyed at myself because people’s perception is tha I’m dumb — something I immediately think about correcting, until I remember that my life’s philosophy is never to let what other people think about me dissuade me.

I’m a separate entity from everyone — therfore I am unique!

I still struggle with my emotions especially when it pertains to girls. One of my greatest phobias is rejection. The girl I’m interested in doesn’t seem to know — and there’s nothing I’m going to do about it.

Speaking of my behavior, more than once I’ve been asked more than once questions like “You don’t smile much — do you?”, “Why are you always quiet?”

I was asked the latter by a colleague at the library party today — she’s the second person to ask me that.

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes, yyyyyooouuuuuuuuu,” she drew out the word, puckering her lips outrageously.Of course, she was teasing me, trying to get me to talk.

I simply shrugged. Everytime I try to supress my emotions about ladies in general, some new temptation comes up. Help me God! 🙁

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