Summer Blues

The semester’s ended, and I’m very bored. I was at the YMCA yesterday and my ping pong has definitely moved up towards my former level — Vito, the tricky Italian had some trouble holding me off my aggression (even with his crazy backhand).

I think summer’s going to be very boring. I suddenly discovered I don’t want to code anymore — Brett (my former roommate) didn’t like sleeping with lights or any sound so I couldn’t do much during the semester. I guess it’s rubbed off on me and I just can’t bring myself to code.

A Nairaland guy, Mutiu Okediran, wants me to design a WordPress template for him and Gbenga wants a Content Management System. I’d have recommended Xaraya but the learning curve is too steep (even for me) — much as I hae to say this, he’s a little of a beginner and I don’t want to give him something he’ll get frustrated with. I’ll evaluate Typo3 tonight and make a decision (hopefully).

On the other hand, if I can get a JoomlaPHPBB integration, it’d be heavenly — I just don’t like the Joomla-based forums (although I’ll tinker with them tonight). Mambo is off-limits — I don’t like the user-management in any way.

Speaking of this summer, I’ll be doing more of writing code (I’m working on the urge right now). I’m scared of cooking because I jave to survive entirely on my own now. I know I’m a very good cook, but I have only a microwave, no refridgerator and no stove. I’ll see if I can find someone to take me to Walmart tomorrow or next — now that Brett’s gone, there’s no one to drive me.

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