AJAX Nuances

I got a book on Ajax (Ajax in Action) some centuries ago (January) and lifted the custom class Eric Pascarello et al used. I discovered I didn’t like their logic very much and decided to write mine to make use of just one XMLHttpRequest object.

That was when I ran into a very annoying snag — IE (the most annoying browser on earth — try viewing the bottom of this page in IE). Internet Explorer, simply put, allowed me to make only one call with the Microsoft.ActiveXObject(‘XMLHTTP’) object, just once — after that, all calls failed to fire.

I tried every which way, because my previous model of ExamDirect created a new object per request in both IE and Firefox — which led to increasing memory. If I hadn’t used reusable DOM nodes, I’d have been a goner in terms of memory management. Now, I really am stumped, with no single idea how to work around it.

I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something very soon, however.

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