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I haven’t been doing any writing for a while, but today while sitting bored at my desk here in the library, I decided to complete it. I’m now calling it The Jinn and I hope you’ll like it, although I haven’t had time to run a spell check on it and you might notice I made a lot of grammatical errors.

Why did I choose to write about some Arabs from a muslim standpoint? It’s simple — I’m working on a book called The Farce. Here’re two excerpts: excerpt 1, excerpt 2. I’m going to be taking on two strange viewpoints — that of a muslim, and that of a woman.

My protagonist is a muslim woman called Ramat. For the feminine side, I’ve been reading a lot of books on female psychology (I’m sure my colleagues at the library think I need it to successfully ask a girl out!) and I’m drawing on some of my knowledge of Islam from having studied in Northern Nigeria which is predominantly muslim. Let me know what you think. I’m sorry I haven’t built a commenting system into Authware but I should do so hopefully before January.

I’m trying to read hard for my exams starting next week and for the SAT which I’m taking on Saturday. Hopefully, I should be writing more and more in the nearby future.


  1. Keshi says:



  2. nilla says:

    Abadie :D,

    Didn’t know you write. will be back to read all your excerpts. just wanted to hola.

  3. biodun says:

    why r u taking the SAT’s again?? I loved the 1st excerpt, I havent read the second yet though, but u r gifted o!

  4. Vera Ezimora says:

    Haven’t actually read the excerpts (unless it’s the one you sent me which I read already.

    Just wanted 2 stop by and let u know I’m still alive. I’m currently signed off all messengers and cannot even be contacted by phone. I’m tryna concentrate & finish chapter 3 of every woman b4 people start blowin me brains out.

  5. Azuka says:

    Keshi, Nilla,

    I’m thinking of transferring to MIT (shh!) — and I’m required to take the new SAT. Glad you loved it, but Vera writes better than I do…

    The link to The Jinn is the complete version of what I sent you. You might want to finish the story.

  6. Hi Azuka,

    Good to see you’re still writing.

    I couldn’t get my head round the plot of the Jinn story, but I liked the telling… I think it’s a great idea to challenge yourself by writing about a setting that you’re not necessarily familiar with. (I once read a book written by a Dutch author about a Ghanaian slave – I was really impressed by the detail of research that went into the description of Ghanaian traditional practice, especially because I’m used to seeing African tradition sloppily reported by outsiders.)

    Anyway, don’t worry about your writer’s block. It would be much worse if you were under contract, and your publisher was ringing you every hour for progress updates. Just make sure you enjoy what you’re doing above everything else!

  7. Azuka says:

    Atala Wala Wala,
    Thanks a lot for dropping by. Actually, this is more like one of those ‘studies’ artists make before painting the real thing.

    I didn’t write with a plot in mind — this is simply one of the studies I’m making before working on ‘The Farce.’ I’ve asked a very good muslim friend of mine if I in any way misrepresented Islam. He was quite impressed, although he pointed out that the ‘by Allah‘s were too many and I had to point out in turn that I wasn’t writing of a very pious muslim.

    From my experience, a lot of Muslims as well as Christians swear a lot so I don’t think I offended anyone.

    Thanks once again for the constructive criticism. I might be fleshing out the story in future since everyone seems to think it’s worthy of a plot.

  8. Afropinay says:

    LOL.. Azuka, I’ll read it when I have less to do.. Promise.
    Just spilling links for my even though you put the no follow tag 🙁 ( you are so mean sha..

    Goodluck by the way and long time no chat also..:)
    How is the website project going?

  9. nilla says:


    I just finished reading “Jinn” and the 2 excerpts and they are good. Keep writing.
    Was also about to ask you about the “By Allah” Thingy, but you already commented on that.

  10. Azuka says:

    Ema worry. Shebi you have a link to your blog on my home page? Kilode?

    I’ve just been busy, especially on the web project, and yes, it’s going well. We’ll set up an e-date ;).

    Thanks a lot.

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