Shopping Lists

Due to the gross abuse my account has suffered under my whimsical spending, I, Azuka Okuleye do create my first shopping list for tonight’s trip to Walmart with a solemn promise not to spend a farthing more than is indicated on the list.

Update: I spent a lot more than I intended :(. Normally, without a list, I’d have forgotten a lot of items but it served as a reminder…

I don’t think I’ll use a list again. Alternately, I’ll withdraw the exact amount I need and leave my debit cards at home. 😡


  1. Calabar Gal says:

    How did the shopping go? Did you stick to it? I have discovered that as long as I carry cards oor loads of money to the shop, sticking to the list is very, very hard. There are always so many things you did not budget for sitting there on the shelves enticingly. If you dont have the extra money on you, then sticking to ur list will be easier. (smile)

  2. And, did it work?

  3. Azuka says:

    Calabar Gal, Butterflygirl,

    Oops, it didn’t work. Unlike most men I love to shop ;).

  4. soul says:

    How about you also give yourself a time limit in the stores?.
    Something like I’ve got 30 minutes, these ten items and 50bucks.
    Remember to add treats to the shopping list as well so you feel like you are rewarding yourself whilst you shop.

  5. Keshi says:

    heyyy Azuka relax..why d u look so sad, it’s only shopping LOL!


  6. Afropinay says:

    Unlike most of men you love to shop..hmm what what kind of shopping in particular?

    Tip: Keep lLIMITED budget in hand, and dont take along any cards. That way you can control your spending.
    If you see something really important and you need to buy it, then go back the next day to get it: the time period between the previous day and the next day (when you go back) would help you in determining if its worth buying or not.:)

  7. dessy says:

    Hahaha…wise move my brother. By the way, when are you gonna cook your rice with that special stew of yours? I’m thinking of inviting myself over.

  8. uzo says:

    Oh dear. Leaving your cards at home might be a good idea but what if an emergency comes up?

  9. belle says:

    hmmm… and to think walmarts sales this holiday were down from last year …lol

  10. biodun says:

    So wot did u buy, dont tell me a compura o, lol. Will be expecting the updates!

  11. Azuka says:

    Soul, Uzo, Afropinay,
    Thanks for the advice. I’ll attempt to try to remember when next I go shopping 😉

    I know, but when you’re down to $15 in your account after shopping, it stops being ‘just shopping.’

    I made some on Saturday. My friend came over two days ago and I had to force him to eat. As soon as he saw the stew, his resolve melted. I’ve still got some left… drop by with some suya ;). No suya, no rice. Fair bargain, eh?

    I was actually in bed all day while the sales were on.

    Not now, but hopefully I should be getting one in the nearby future.

  12. Naijabloke says:

    Just go to the store when u need anything,cos u will always end up buying things u dont need if u go grocery shopping.

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