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I’ve been tagged by Vera, that annoying lady who doesn’t know I’ve got exams next week. I’ll do it anyway — anything for Miss Green :D. Shaving: I don’t shave under my arms — I pull all the hair out. I also love plucking out my eyebrows and eyelashes. I’ve plucked my brows clean before. […]

Back in the Groove

I haven’t been doing any writing for a while, but today while sitting bored at my desk here in the library, I decided to complete it. I’m now calling it The Jinn and I hope you’ll like it, although I haven’t had time to run a spell check on it and you might notice I […]

Shopping Lists

Due to the gross abuse my account has suffered under my whimsical spending, I, Azuka Okuleye do create my first shopping list for tonight’s trip to Walmart with a solemn promise not to spend a farthing more than is indicated on the list. Update: I spent a lot more than I intended :(. Normally, without […]


Very few people know I’m a gourmet — even fewer know I’m a gourmand. I made some wonderful stew three days ago — well, as wonderful as ‘wonderful’ can be if you use vegetable oil instead of palm or groundnut oil and a rice cooker instead of a pot. I took some to my friends […]

Authware is semi-live

I intended to push myself to get my writing site working before my birthday, but couldn't because I was also working on my blog theme. I'll be changing things across my sites, to keep the designs related. I couldn't make the necessary code modifications because I'm lazy Writing some components within that short a time […]

My love

No it's not my compura computer this time -- it's a game. Table tennis. I have a tendency to become obsessed with anything I take an interest in, and this game wouldn't be left out. My Wednesday evenings at the YMCA are such an important ritual that when she was putting me up on the […]