At the Writing Club

Rebecca looked good, although it’s sometimes to hard to tell the pain she’s going through with her divorce. She always has this calm, collected air around her which I’d like to have. We talked about summer classes and her two boys before Dr Najjar came in. She’s been doing fine, although I think she doesn’t come on MSN Messenger because I’m always invisible.

It was so good to see Dr Najjar again. She’s been through quite a lot — her friend’s aneurysm, her brother’s death, and then Israel bombing her country, all within the space of two months. She must be really worried about her relatives back in Lebanon currently, as the Israelis have killed more civilians than the Hezbollah.

Heather walked in thirty minutes later, hilarious as ever. She’d make a good clown [I mean this in a good way]. She seems to find some mischievous pleasure in mimicking me — making faces that I’m sure don’t look the way mine does — an dher usual teasing, trying to get me to talk.

We discussed the achievements of the Scribblers’ Society, and our shortcomings. Everyone had some idea or the other, although I still have the same self-expression problem. ‘Why don’t you want to talk — because we’re al ladies?’ Heather chided. ‘You should feel blessed!’ 😆

Well, one thing I know is that we’re going to move forward, despite the dismal turnout now. I might surprise them by registering in future — that is, as soon as I restructure the base AuthWare code and add on all the features I’m thinking of. I’m waiting for my books to arrive from Amazon before I start anything. Let me not go into code here.

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