I’ve been quite numb for the past few days, and I’m sure everyone around me has noticed. I think I haven’t been getting much sleep because of the projects I’m working on.

I’ve been quite disillusioned with the goings-on around me for a while. I’ve been stuck on two of the ugliest designs I ever came up with for the Still-Learning portal. I’m having problems with some localhost subdomains and the cookies set — I’m beginning to wonder whether to take the entire system down.

I haven’t written anything on The Farce in a very long while, except a very crappy chapter which I hope to tear out of my note before Sunday.

As usual, Prof. Irfan rattles on and on about lots of topics — among which her personal life is chief. I’m grateful for it because we’ve written just one [boring] essay this semester.

My Dad was offshore and I was beginning to panic. He came back just long enough to send me my housing money [and some extras]. Well, I ordered four books from Amazon today to move me up to the next level of PHP-AJAX interoperability. I’ll also be revising AuthWare’s code in the nearby future.

Just when I thought I was beginning to get out of the blues, someone came on Yahoo messenger and insulted me yesterday. I’d have loved to be in the same room with him — this was one instance I wouldn’t have controlled myself. Luckily, bones don’t get broken on the internet…


  1. biola says:

    awww… yeah uve not been getting enough u need it o..and btw thanks for helping my sis out..ure a draling… thanks so much!!

  2. Badchic says:

    Hahaha! and what makes you think you can beat the person? What if the person is stronger and breaks your bone instead?

    Nice blog anyways.

  3. My life philosophy is that we’re all here in this world to help, Biola. Your sister’s a charming lady too ;).

    Badchic, something seems to tell me I can handle the person.

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