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I retrieved my debit card from the ATM and stuffed the $20 bill into my wallet. Just as I crossed to the other side, a big bug drifted towards my face and I stepped back quickly. It was getting dark so I couldn’t make out its features to decide if it was harmless. I squinted […]


I’ve been doing some Scriptlance work for a while now and I must say I haven’t been so lucky at getting projects, but I guess the perseverance paid off. I’m currently working on two different projects, but the bad news is that they’re both on hold for now. I won a bid to move someone’s […]

Negro Mentality

I saw a link to a topic on the AOL black community forum [ Aggressive African A$$holes!!!]. It was a bit shocking to read the replies to the posts. Something tells me that Black Americans have become some of the most racist people in the United States, thanks to the views they have of Africans […]

Is PHP Dead?

I’ve had some people try to pull me onto the RoR train in the past, saying it’s the hottest thing around. Others have pointed Flex as the way forward. I’m just not so sure about things anymore. Trust me, I’ve worked with the .NET framework both in and out of the web context and the […]

Shame on you, Jackie

I was going through some Wikipedia articles today, and had to do some minor editing on the Jackie Chan article. Just after I finished making the corrections, I popped into Jackie’s discussion page and at the very bottom, someone had yanked off an entry about Jackie being drunk on stage. He jumped on stage, wanted […]

At the Writing Club

Rebecca looked good, although it’s sometimes to hard to tell the pain she’s going through with her divorce. She always has this calm, collected air around her which I’d like to have. We talked about summer classes and her two boys before Dr Najjar came in. She’s been doing fine, although I think she doesn’t […]