Negro Mentality

I saw a link to a topic on the AOL black community forum [ Aggressive African A$$holes!!!]. It was a bit shocking to read the replies to the posts.

Something tells me that Black Americans have become some of the most racist people in the United States, thanks to the views they have of Africans in general, and the way anyone black is supposed to act. I’ve been looked down on because I don’t talk in Ebonics — and I don’t put on an obnoxious American accent either [I’m not hell-bent on giving up my Nigerian accent anytime soon, although some of my pronunciations have changed].

People from back home are even worse. I hear things like ‘How come you always stay by yourself? I understand you might not want to mix with the white guys but we’re all Africans. You need to go out with us’ or ‘The Africans are having a party today. Wanna come?’ Give me a break! Coming from the same continent as someone else doesn’t make you automatically friends or ‘brothers.’ Americans would deny they’re brothers with Mexicans, even though when you trace them back to Europe, Spain and the British Isles share the same continent.

I’m getting sick of this useless hating. I can’t pretend not to notice it, but I’ll do my best. Afterall, no be to […fill this in…] my papa send me come America.


  1. LeegAya says:

    Hahahaha.. Yes your papa sent you to studyin America, I definitely agree with you. I don’t know why you even bother.

    Sometimes you still miss them Nigerians, like me, I havent gone to any african gathering since I left Nigeria and thats because its so far from where I stay and I cant stress my life going all the way just cos I miss my nigerian people, but its all good. Im sure it has its benefits too..

    Regarding the accent change, it all depends on a lot of factors, some people loose their accent fast and that may be because they don’t even mic with Nigerians at all and some who have even been abroad still retain theirs..

    Can’t bother myself, if you are Nigerian and i speak to you , my nigerian accent comes out , although sometimes the foreign accent does come out but I cant be bothered jare. The only time I put on a straight correct perfect English accent with correct diction is when I talkon radio, seminars or interviews.. 🙂

  2. Someone talks at radios and seminars. Yipee! Unfortunately, I can\’t talk much to people, not to talk of public speaking. Urghhh. 🙁

  3. mo says:

    I followed the link & read a little of it…unfortunately this is the stereotype about African men…there are others about African women but I won’t discuss it.

    But with you characterizing Afam’s as “racist” and other Africans as pushy or “aggressive” (by the way you discribed their behavior), what does that make you? Another person relying on stereotypes…? Expressing their displeasure of an individual’s action t/o dialogue about a group…Just food for thought.

    No one is so innocent or so guilty.

  4. Interesting, but I don’t quite get your point.

    I’m not labelling all Africans here as such or all African Americans as such. Most of them expect me to behave like them because I’m ‘black.’

    ‘Blackness’ is only skin-deep — that’s one of my core beliefs. I don’t associate with people because they’re ‘black’ or ‘white’, but because there’s substance in them.

    Among my friends here are a Ghanaian guy, a Gambian girl, an AfAm lady and a ‘white’ guy. I don’t see anytng wrong in mixing with all people. What I hate is when people hate me because they feel I ought o behave like them because I share one of their superficial characteristcs.

    I’m sorry for laying it on thick and being too generic.

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