I’ve been doing some Scriptlance work for a while now and I must say I haven’t been so lucky at getting projects, but I guess the perseverance paid off.

I’m currently working on two different projects, but the bad news is that they’re both on hold for now. I won a bid to move someone’s design to a wordpress template — a job that usually takes me about three hours — but the guy hasn’t contacted me since despite my e-mails :(. I’m also waiting for a client to send me some sample data to play around with to see if I’ll have to rewrite a Joomla module.

I set up a development wiki about a month ago and haven’t been able to do any work on AuthWare — which reminds me, the name sounds so, so corny, especially when you think of Macromedia Authorware. I’d sure welcome some suggestions at the moment for a name that has to do with writing.

I’ll be doing a code rewrite during the fall, but have been quite lazy to even start anything on it. I’d been telling myself that I was waiting for my books to arrive from Amazon but I guess I’m actually kidding myself at the moment. Well, I know I’ll be starting ‘sometime’ in the future.

Finances don’t look too good [I know I have enough money in the bank], but I do want to take some of the burden of my Dad back home — the man don try. Well, things are looking good. As soon as I can afford it, I’ll take some certification exams which should be a breeze — I think that’s why I haven’t been getting RentACoder projects.

Wish me luck :lol:.


  1. mo says:

    You write literature for computers as well as people, but then I knew that already.

    More grease to your elbows. Nothing worthwhile comes easy so let this difficulty be a sign of future success. *smile*

    Best wishes!

  2. Gbenga says:

    Mmmmmmm…….certification exams?…….that sure should be good for you. I am still noot ripe for that now, i guess.

    Another name for your authware…………..why not think of “DancingPen”. what do yout think

  3. DancingPen. Hmmmmm. I’ll make it first on the list as I look for others to tack on.

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