Not Enough Time

It seems I want to learn everything there is to know in this world — maybe it’s because I get my feeling of prestige from knowing a lot. I’ve always known I can’t know it all — yet, I keep trying.

I’ve always eyed hardware programming right from when I started out. Hardware has always fascinated me — how do you write code to tell a chunk of metal to do something? How do you build the hardware itself and interface it with something else? These are some questions I’ve always asked myself.

I find myself getting annoyed presently because I can’t seem to understand the C++ book I’m currently with. I think I’ll just skip it and moveover to something more challenging. I hate writing code for which I find no use — console programs.

Maybe my feeling of inadequacy is prompted by the fact that I’ve written programs in other languages that allow easy creation of GUIs.

With so much on my hands these days, I just might…


  1. c0dec says:

    hardware programming? C –> –> it’s good.

  2. Thanks a lot c0dec :D.

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