IIS is a great server — writen especially for Windows, it functions exactly the way it’s meant to, ignoring the security breaches and high response time from the folks at Microsoft.

One thing that gets me annoyed about using PHP and IIs is the lack of support for url-rewriting. Except you’ve installed some third-party tool like ISAPI-Rewrite, you can’t do any rewriting except you’re running Asp.NET.

I feel this gives Asp.NET an unfair advantage because you can easily use the Web.config file to enable rewrite support for your application.

.htaccess on Apache however, is generic which leads me to believe that the Web.config file can serve as a .htaccess file on Windows — it’s simple logic. Instead of heading into IIS to set directory permissions, one simply needs to place a Web.config file with the required permissions inside the folder.

Maybe Apache’s spoiled me :cry:.

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