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A Yoruba Man was sitting with an Ibo man and a Hausa man in Saudi Arabia, sharing a smuggled barrel of beer, when all of a sudden the police entered and arrested them. They were initially given a death sentence but, as it was a national holiday, the sheikh decided they should be released after […]

Goings On

I’m becoming a bit frustrated. I don’t know what to do nowadays. I’m running out of cash but I don’t want my Dad to know. I’m really, really hoping I get a scholarship — I need the cash to buy some more food mainly I’m still adapting to American food but I survive mostly on […]

MTN Clone

I was recently told by my former boss from CADS Consulting to collaborate with him on an educational project he got. He’s new to PHP and wants to make a PHP version of what he has already [we wrote it together in Asp.NET]. The project is sponsored by MTN Nigeria so I had to come […]

The ‘Azuka’ Stare

I’ve come to discover various ways of looking at people because I love studying people. When I’m talking with someone and I suspect some falsehood in what he just said I look directly into his eyes without answering. More likely than not he gives himself away and ends up spilling everything out. I study ladies […]

C++ Here I come

I’ve always shied away from programming in C++ because it was a bit tough. I’ve decided to return to it, starting from this week. Not that I don’t understand it but I’m terribly scared of pointers — the main reason I didn’t want to learn C. I got three books on C++ from my school […]


What did I achieve last month? I was able to speed up my game in ping pong and switched to the pen grip last Wednesday. Seems I’m really good at it. Made a difference in my workplace by being Employee of The Month. I was more shocked than happy — I didn’t really believe it […]