C++ Here I come

I’ve always shied away from programming in C++ because it was a bit tough. I’ve decided to return to it, starting from this week. Not that I don’t understand it but I’m terribly scared of pointers — the main reason I didn’t want to learn C.

I got three books on C++ from my school library. I leafed through them and they were real good. I’ll be using the MingW IDE and Bloodshed DevC++ alternately.

I now this time, I’m ready for that crazy language. Watch out C++ — here I come!


  1. Tosin says:

    anything, man. anything that will give u an edge and that reduces ur limitation’s worth d effort. sstrength and speed in ur studies.

  2. Muyiwa says:

    why are u suddenly falling in luv with C++ I must confess i luv
    c++ cos it’s easy . But then it is somewhat defecient in certain areas
    I think C# is more like it. But welcome to the club of bigots who just
    believe in c++ depspite all the jargons and all. Have fun learning it.
    U won’t regret it . I didn’t

  3. I already know C# — what’s the point? Besides C++ was the first programming language I started — and the only one I didn’t complete. I intend to finish it :D.

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