The ‘Azuka’ Stare

I’ve come to discover various ways of looking at people because I love studying people.

When I’m talking with someone and I suspect some falsehood in what he just said I look directly into his eyes without answering. More likely than not he gives himself away and ends up spilling everything out.

I study ladies only when they’re not looking at me for obvious reasons. Looking too much at someone of the opposte sex is almost always construed as interest — I always try to avoid this. From one of my self-studies I discovered I even carry this paranoia over to people who know I’ll never get interested in them. It is because of this — and the fact that I’m very quiet — some people think I’m shy.

Sometimes I put emotion into my eyes. I speak very very quietly, and there’s no frown on my face — yet the other person knows I’m very very angry. It is at such times I try to prevent the devil in me from breaking out. When it does, I always regret the effects.

Sometimes I break my rule of not looking into females’ eyes when I’m talking to them. This comes at times I want to show I’m confident — or when I have a crush. The eyes are the most important part of the opposite sex to me. I love beautiful soft eyes…


  1. Ugo says:

    Mmmmm, now thats so romantic

  2. Thanks Ugo. I definitely am not very romantic however… šŸ™

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