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An Analyst/Programmer dies and is met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. Saint Peter asks him if he wants to go to Heaven or Hell. ‘You mean I get to choose?’ the man asks. ‘Oh yes, you can have a look at each and then decide for yourself.’ Saint Peter replies. Saint Peter points […]


I’ve always been this way — people around me hardly ever know how I feel, because I hardly ever talk. Sometimes I get annoyed at myself because people’s perception is tha I’m dumb — something I immediately think about correcting, until I remember that my life’s philosophy is never to let what other people think […]

Nuclear war in Iran

Nuclear war? I don’t know what USA stands to gain by bullying nations around the world it perceives as future threats. I’ve been an amused observer of George Bush and his antics but I think this is taking it a bit too far. What would USA gain by raining nuclear weapons down on innocent citizens […]


I must be the most impatient creature on the surface of this earth — especially when it comes to learning. Everytime I learn something, I’m tempted to move directly to what interests me — not the preliminaries. C++ is the classic example. I’ve gone back to it and I’m trying not to give in to […]

Brain Twister

While chatting with a friend today, I remembered a “brain twister” a friend and I developed in school. Try saying rapidly: “There are black rats not black mice. There are white mice not white rats.” I don’t know if the statements are true but you definitely will get confused. It doesn’t qualify as a tongue […]

Microwave Wonders

It’s funny what magic I can perform with my trusty microwave. Here I have spaghetti and some stew. Doesn’t taste half as good as my mom’s back home however.