I must be the most impatient creature on the surface of this earth — especially when it comes to learning. Everytime I learn something, I’m tempted to move directly to what interests me — not the preliminaries.

C++ is the classic example. I’ve gone back to it and I’m trying not to give in to the pressure making me to skip certain chapters. I’m playing with vectors and class operators presently and I daresay it’s super.

In ten days — I have some other things doing — I should be moving to Win32 or OpenGL programming — whichever catches my fancy. I hope I don’t let my impatience ruin/rule me this time.


  1. Lizzy says:

    Learn to be patient hun, u’ll need it like almost everytime. I actually get in trouble when im not patient.. Im always like Ohh please my name ain’t patience, leave me alone. lol..

    But hey, u r speaking french u know? Wat’s C+++? I guess it’s one of ur codings again. ::)

  2. Yup. That’s why I filed it under both the Code and Journal categories.

  3. Thanks Queenzy — I will ;).

  4. candy A says:

    Well, patience is a virture you have to patiently cultivate, at times it could be very frustrating — yes! The end result definitely pays off (though not like the “patient dog”).

    My middle name’s Patience but I’m hardly patient and it sure gets me into trouble…and lots of it too…I mean when I get into trouble its usually the “BIG” trouble, so honey, take this from somone who knows……..u need patience a lot as being stupendously spontaneous doesn’t blend with a Mr. Nice Guy like you.

    Be good to yourself man.

    Edited for clarity. 

  5. That’s very sweet Candy. Thanks a lot.

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