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Sometimes I really can’t help thinking we men are such fools especially when it comes to the emotional side. For those of us who aren’t gay, we tend to always hide our emotions behind a “macho” mask. I guess it’s unconscious but I tend to think women do have closer closer friendships than we men […]


Someone sent me this today: There was a car accident in a street. As expected, a large crowd gathered. A newspaper reporter anxious to get his story could not get near the car. Being a clever sort, he started shouting loudly, “Let me through! Let me through! I am the son of the victim.” The […]

Knoppix, Linux, etc

I’m an open-source fan but I’ve had very awful experiences with Linux. Recently, my friend Kashif told me about Knoppix — or should I say convinced me to use it. I’ve always been scared of all those funny-sounding names – Knoppix, Morphix, etc — so I always stuck to Fedora Core and Xandros – both […]

The Homeless

I was just going through the news today. I came incidentally on a web site for the homeless. People never seem to appreciate God’s mercies. They only wait for Him to “provide” for them without realising they’re richer than lots of people. We’re in this world to help – at least that’s what I learned […]

Windows Live

I took a look at the Windows Live website today and had a good chuckle. Microsoft seems to want to overtake both Google and Yahoo in the search business. Looks like a pretty shoddy job to me because Javascript is a must. Personally I’m not looking for cool effects when I want to search. And […]

The Bum

I had just crossed the street and was heading towards Hogan Hall. I had my take-out dinner in one hand, a 33oz can of lemonade in the other. Someone called out behind me. I turned around to look – I’d never seen him before. I’m short-sighted but I hate wearing glasses so I took a […]