Knoppix, Linux, etc

I’m an open-source fan but I’ve had very awful experiences with Linux. Recently, my friend Kashif told me about Knoppix — or should I say convinced me to use it. I’ve always been scared of all those funny-sounding names – Knoppix, Morphix, etc — so I always stuck to Fedora Core and Xandros – both of which have given me enough woes to start another blog.

I decided to try the LiveCD method and it works for me. I’m currently posting this from a Knoppix LiveCD run and I have to say I’m impressed. I thought they were kidding when they mentioned Gigs for the amount of data the CD holds — I think I’ll get a DVD pack and ownload the DVD version.

I’ve been very busy [and idle] this spring break — for example, today I coded from the moment I woke up till I burned Knoppix to a CD and rebooted. Other days haven’t been so good — I was so bored I ate four meals yesterday [I’m not very proud of it but that’s what happened].

I’m waiting for the Ubuntu CD pack I requested from their website. A friend recommended it to me so I guess I’ll try it out.

I’m also working towards applying for a scholarship — most of them are on writing but I’ve been stumped for some time now. I simply do not know what to write. I need the money — very badly so I think desperation just might work for me this time.

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