The Homeless

I was just going through the news today. I came incidentally on a web site for the homeless. People never seem to appreciate God’s mercies. They only wait for Him to “provide” for them without realising they’re richer than lots of people. We’re in this world to help – at least that’s what I learned from my mom.

I always feel exhilarated when I do something for someone. If you’ve ever helped someone, you know what I mean. Some people live their lives without caring for others – just praying to get enough money to buy that Ferrarri, then a private jet.

I assumed before that America was a lovely place, the land of opportunity – people didn’t starve as they do elsewhere in the world – until I read The Street Lawyer by John Grisham. It shows that even the government tries to purge homeless people for the sake of protecting their “image” – which was never good. They say they’re trying to get people to help themselves by passing laws that allow you to sell a sandwich to a homeless person but prevent you from giving it for free. Pathetic.

I can’t just stand and watch people suffer. I’ve decided to cut my spending and reserve a tenth for the needy. If you think I’m talking nonsense, how about a true story of a homeless man accosted by a policeman who beats him up, handcuffs him and sprays mace in his eyes?

Links:, Official National Coalition for the Homeless Homepage.

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