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Current State

I think I’m beginning to look at myself as a wonder — which is very bad for me. I don’t need all that over-confidence which I’ve sort of acquired over my stay here at MSU. I mean — look at me assuming I am that good and I got a D in my Astronomy test […]

The Gimp

I’ve been experimenting with The Gimp after hearing it allows creation of icons. It’s a very nice tool and now, I have favicons my site. I intend to explore it fully and see what I can d with it because it’s quite complex [but good].


For some reason I’ve always had problems getting Linux to run on my machine — especially the boot-loaderĀ part. Lilo and Grub are just not my territory — I want to use the Windows boot-loader. All the tutorials I’ve seen on the net talk about installing Windows after Linux — but I already have Windows running. […]

AuthWare CMS

I had a minor problem getting AuthWare to function properly on Linux — as expected. I had to make some adjustments because PHP 5 on Linux returns $_SERVER[‘ORIG_PATH_INFO’] for Windows [‘PATH_INFO’]. Aside from that, everything functioned well :). I’m still tweaking the search results — I’m looking for a way to perform syntax highlighting (like […]

PHPFreaks Guru!

Hurray! I attained PHPFreaks Guru status today and I’m sort of happy :D. Maybe I should celebrate by attempting to finish up the code for AuthWare CMS tonight — I doubt I can but I have to say the code is coming along nicely — although I do have some problems with full-text searching in […]

Vantage Press & Writing

I checked my mail today and I saw an extra-large envelope from Vantage Press. I wondered what business I had with them. On slitting it, I discovered there was something about offering to publish my book. Everything fell into place. There was a program on their site that caters to up-and-coming writers. I requested information […]