For some reason I’ve always had problems getting Linux to run on my machine — especially the boot-loader part. Lilo and Grub are just not my territory — I want to use the Windows boot-loader.

All the tutorials I’ve seen on the net talk about installing Windows after Linux — but I already have Windows running. I’ll be durned if I  have to format my system, then install Windows all over.

I got my Ubuntu cds last week and I gave out three — to Stan, Brett and Khashif — they seemed happy.

 I couldn’t boot to the LiveCD however and I’m kind of mad 😡 — I mean, do I have to configure X-Windows each time I need to boot? No sir — I’d rather stick to Knoppix. To prove that I’m still crazy or something, I borrowed a complete Linux Book (Mastering Linux, Sybex Press) and am currently going through it.

Maybe when next I reboot (I haven’t shut down for three days and Windows is beginning to get sluggish), I’ll try to summon the necessary courage required to make another Ubuntu LiveCD run.

Wish me luck :-).


  1. Jonah Dienye says:

    I didn’t have to uninstall windows. I found some links that helped me out.


    Some methods do it from linux, using the dd command which comes with linux distros but there’s a dd for windows out there.

    Try http://uranus.it.swin.edu.au/~jn/linux/rawwrite/dd.htm

    However, I think bootpart is much more straighforward.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks a lot Jonah. Your information came in handy. Hopefully, I’ll get a second hard disk and install Ubuntu on it.

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