Current State

I think I’m beginning to look at myself as a wonder — which is very bad for me. I don’t need all that over-confidence which I’ve sort of acquired over my stay here at MSU.

I mean — look at me assuming I am that good and I got a D in my Astronomy test :(. I have to rally and really, really do some serious reading. First I’ll need to set up a study guide — or a reading time table [whatever].

Maybe I’m lonely — but I’ll stop spending too much time on Nairaland. I have to make the code of AuthWare really, really ready for the PhpAndMore guy.

I’m going to start doing some hardcore reading. My dad said Spinoza, Bacon and all those authors would be good for me. I’m returning all these novels to the library today.

Speaking of my ping pong, I’ve gotten my pen grip back — and I showed the guys at the YMCA a thing or too. When next I get back I’m really going to exercise it — and trash some guys I hope.


  1. Nairaland says:

    Who said you were spending too much time on Nairaland? šŸ™‚

    – Seun.

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