Macho ManSometimes I really can’t help thinking we men are such fools especially when it comes to the emotional side. For those of us who aren’t gay, we tend to always hide our emotions behind a “macho” mask.

I guess it’s unconscious but I tend to think women do have closer closer friendships than we men seem to have — for example, there’s absolutely “nothing” wrong with a woman comforting her fellow woman by holding her in her arms. How many men have you seen hug for long periods of time — or kiss each other’s cheek? I’m sure you’d presume they were homos.

Your friend gets in trouble and instead of giving him a hug you give him that crap about “being a man.” Have you seen when couples meet? The women hug and kiss each other and the men shake hands — and that’s that.

At times I wonder if we aren’t just being plain hypocrites? By the way I wouldn’t accept a hug from a brother, or a kiss (I’ve heard the Italians do that) so don’t think of any such thing if you meet me!

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