The Abstract

From time to time I suddenly stop thinking, stunned at my thoughts – they’re so abstract that they defy description. It is this abstract thinking that makes me  program well.

Something very absurd about me is that I grow faster when I fall ill. I also do more “abstract thinking” when I’m ill. I can’t dream in a subject for example, when I’m “normal” but when I fall sick I find myself dreaming in Physics, C++, Economics or Chemistry. Funnily, most of them take the form of a fight. For example, my C++ dreams don’t feature anything like C++.

Instead, the characters become life. When I said it defies understanding, I mean even me doesn’t understand it when I wake up, although it makes perfect sense to me when I’m in the dream-state. One good thing is they do help me understand the topic when I wake up or at least the topic seems easier when I look at it after my illness – much easier than before I fell ill.

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