Into the Human Mind

I have studied people over time and one thing I’ve come to see is that no two humans are alike. Identical twins may be alike in many ways but their thoughts, modes of reason and any other thing dealing with the mind are entirely different.

I was prowling Wikipedia today and for some reason, while reading up Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (known widely as Lewis Caroll), I saw a reference to his being suspected of being Jack the Ripper – the killer who never got nabbed. I eventually got to a list of serial killers by numbers and a woman (Erzsébet Báthory) headed the list! What I read was very disturbing. Before someone gets down to reasoning the way she does somehing must have gone wrong with her brain – and she’s very beautiful.

I read a lot about lots of serial killers and when I analysed them, most of them turn out to be good-looking – or at least innocent-looking -, educated people – in fact you hardly ever get a serial killer that’s uneducated.

Which brings me down to the very abstract part of every human called the mind. At times I reason in a very detached state in which I look at people and see no life – just lips moving and limbs (it might be very hard for you, but I’ve been doing this since I was young). Then I wonder what makes people think and what makes them behave the way they do.

Put it this way – given a particular stimulus, people respond in diferent ways, based on their conceptions. Every human (based on my studies) has a “crazy” part. There are some things that come into my mind that if I were to voice, I’d be put in a mental institution – I mean it.

I’ve always maintained that every person has a part of him / her he / she is very sure no other person knows, except God and that it’s going to remain so. This isn’t something you mention to others – even by mistake. It’s so private that you don’t talk about it, even in your dreams. I’d deny it even if you asked me – but so would you.

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