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Yesterday my Dad and I got a scare from the student financial aid office. I was told to apply for the FAFSA within 10 business days, or be withdrawn from classes. Of course my Dad was very worried considering the letter arrived Nigeria two days ago and was dated January 10. Twenty days had passed! […]

Goings On

I’m so anxious to work – but I haven’t gotten any job yet. My boss at CADS Consulting told me he still intends that I remain in the company. I’ll be writing a column on Designing with Web Standards for the Softellect magazine. They had a probem implementing a solution for GloMobile – printing of […]


Yesterday was a good day for me. My essay got lauded in Prof. Teets’ class as the best. I’d best not boast since I know it’s because I’ve been writing since I was eight – at one time I wanted to be an author but ridicule from my family who didn’t believe I knew what […]

Installation, Installation

Ahem. Today I formatted my Windows partitions and installed Windows XP Pro. Can you imagine Windows doesn’t recognise Fedora as an Operating System (I made the mistake of setting the default boot to Windows when installing Fedora). I had to do some gymnastics – I reinstalled Fedora (all 6 CDs). I must say it wasn’t […]

Linux Installation

Yesterday I downloaded and burned Fedora Core 5 – the latest version of the Fedora Core (Red Hat’s free Linux system). I installed the stuff today but I had one major problem – my data. I left a default option on while installing so my hard disk (with two operating systems – Windows XP Home […]


I just walked today out of Astronomy class wondering what I’m going to do about the observations we’re supposed to do. I’ve got poor eyesight — I have short-sight and astigmatism — but I hate wearing my glasses — besides they’re missing. So how the heck am I going to stare at the sky with […]