Installation, Installation

Ahem. Today I formatted my Windows partitions and installed Windows XP Pro. Can you imagine Windows doesn’t recognise Fedora as an Operating System (I made the mistake of setting the default boot to Windows when installing Fedora). I had to do some gymnastics – I reinstalled Fedora (all 6 CDs). I must say it wasn’t fun.

I contacted those eMachines staff and the only reply I got read something like:

Hello Azuka,Thank you for contacting eMachines.

I see that you have issue with your W3107 computer. You have changed
your operating system and now, you need a network driver. The D: partition is deleted and you cannot access the system recovery for applications and drivers.

I know this may cause you some concern and I know how you must feel.

Moving to Windows 95, Windows 98SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows MCE, Windows and Linux are all unsupported operating system changes. You can attempt to locate drivers by going to or eMachines only supports the computer as it shipped from the factory, with the original Operating System. This is in your warranty documentation.

We also have some telephone support options available for issues that are not covered under the original warranty. They are specialized in change of operating systems, third party hardware, software, installation, removal of software instructions, “how-to”, upgrades and out of warranty support.

You may consider contacting Answers by eMachines for a fee-based type of support over the phone at 877-721-7314.

Please Note: (The per minute charge for the number will begin 1 minute after you dial the number regardless of whether an agent has answered your call or not.)

I hope the information above will be helpful.

Please reply to this message if you require further assistance with this issue. If your reply is received while I am out of the office, to ensure a speedy resolution, your issue will be handled by one of my colleagues.



Well, I’ve decided I don’t need their @#$%^&* drivers anymore. I’ll purchase a usb-network cable and do my work. Next time, I’m going for Dell for sure. Trust me.

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