Linux Installation

Yesterday I downloaded and burned Fedora Core 5 – the latest version of the Fedora Core (Red Hat’s free Linux system). I installed the stuff today but I had one major problem – my data. I left a default option on while installing so my hard disk (with two operating
systems – Windows XP Home and Windows XP Pro) – and all my data (movies. music and software) got completely erased. It’s a sad loss and I’m beginning to think I’m not so fond of this Fedora or Stetson stuff anyway.

I’ll recover my system tonight and reinstall Windows XP home or Pro since I need to develop some Asp.NET applications using Visual Web Developer. So long for all my data. It’s really, really touching.

One interesting thing is that this Fedora Core actually detected my network drivers and installed them – something Windows XP couldn’t do. The only thing is I’m not too familiar with the installation procedures and how to open files in Linux – or I’d probably have
installed Realtek AC’97 drivers. So long.