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Installation Issues

I’m sick of trying to install Windows XP Professional on my machine. My woes started with my buying an emachines desktop PC. The model name is W3107. I got a 100GB hard disk with the system but it was running Windows XP Home – which means I can’t run either IIS or Apache – even […]

AuthWare Friendly Urls & Bug List

Language – PHP Friendly Urls Why did I suddenly decide to create friendly Urls for AuthWare. I must tell the truth – I never really intended to. There was a stage at which I wanted to restructure it to utilise Apaches mod_rewrite. I’ve always had this thing for not comprehending regular expressions. In fact I […]

Poor Microsoft

I just came accross this today: Once upon a time there was a young man who wanted to become a great writer. “I want to write things the whole world will read,” he declared. “Stuff that will elicit strong emotions from people in every walk of life. I want my writing to make them scream, […]


I’m currently having a mild attack of writer’s block so I’ve figured out a way to use my test version of AuthWare – lecture notes. That’s right. I’m now putting all my lecture notes for the courses I’m taking this term on the web. I hope to keep them up-to-date – I really do. because […]