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I’m so anxious to work – but I haven’t gotten any job yet. My boss at CADS Consulting told me he still intends that I remain in the company. I’ll be writing a column on Designing with Web Standards for the Softellect magazine.

They had a probem implementing a solution for GloMobile – printing of PDFs and I wrote a library that plugs into PDFSharp. They couldn’t get it to work becuase I wrote it with Visual C# 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0. I’m trying to convince them to move up to Visual Studio 2005 – while it’s free.

I ordered some books from Amazon.com today. Two of them deal with programming – PHP 5 and Ajax – and the remaining are almost new novels I managed to get for about a cent each. The funny thing is that the cost of shipping the books runs into dollars (when I got them so cheaply)!

It’s hard to find a novel freak here – and I’m starving to lay my hands on some books. The books I ordered are by some of my best authors – Frederick Forsyth,Robert Ludlum and Nicholas Evans. I hope to order Jackie Chan’s “I am Jackie Chan” soon (did I tell you I’m a Jackie Chan fan)?

Jackie is a very wonderful person – the more I study him, the more I realise what an unpretentious and nice guy he is. He’s very charitable and all what not. I alo became hooked on Donnie Yen after Iron Monkey. I watched The Hero because he starred in it but I didn’t like it. Like most of Jet Li’s films, there’s a lot of unrealistic martial arts action – flying and so on.

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