Do actresses get turned on?

Do actresses get turned on?

I suppose so. Everyone does at some point. Now why exactly is Azuka asking such a strange question at 12:24am on a Saturday morning?

I don’t believe I’ve ever watched a TV show or movie without stopping to Google some interesting fact that comes up. Usually, that leads to me following more links and getting sidetracked for hours.

Tonight while watching a show where the actress chews on three stacked hamburger patties, I found myself wondering how many takes it took to get it right, and if she spat the food out right after — she didn’t swallow. I know wine-tasters have to do that with drinks.

I typed “do actresses” with the intention of following it up with “spit out food when making a movie” and Google suggested “get turned on.”

Apparently, there are thousands of people out there looking for an answer to this question.

I am now one of them.


  1. Myne Whitman says:

    I was actually thinking of this watching NBC’s Dracula yesterday. Didn’t google it though.

  2. Amina says:

    It always seems natural to follow more links when using google, especially if you click on the wikipedia link.

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