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“…That was when I lost my wallet. Luckily for me, I had some money on me, so I was able to return to Abuja,” I finished. My mom looked like she was beginning to believe me. It’s at those times that I have to be extra wary. “Azuka,” she said finally, after a brief moment […]

Do actresses get turned on?

Do actresses get turned on? I suppose so. Everyone does at some point. Now why exactly is Azuka asking such a strange question at 12:24am on a Saturday morning? I don’t believe I’ve ever watched a TV show or movie without stopping to Google some interesting fact that comes up. Usually, that leads to me […]


I really didn’t know how to start this piece. There were so many ideas, so many themes to explore, and so little time to spend planning things out. In many ways, it’s like most of my writing — spontaneous, with the cursory punctuation and grammar check afterwards. My reading and writing have always been tied […]