I really don’t feel any different, but of course I never expected to be. I told my friend Kwame yesterday I was going to be 18 today.

“You know what we do to people on their eighteenth birthdays in Ghana?” he asked me. “We beat them!”

As if I’m looking for a beating. I’ve been up most of the night applying finishing touches to my new theme — the book site isn’t halfway done. Trust me to miss my own deadline of restructuring my entire site.

I’m awfully tired and need to sleep. If you drop by, I’m craving icecream right now. Send me some!


  1. Calabar Gal says:

    HAPPY BIRTHAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you great happiness, long life, prosperity and greater years ahead. Remain Blessed. Cheers!!!

  2. Afropinay says:

    Happy Birthday Azuka.. Hope you have a wonderful day and I wish for you all the things you wish yourself and **a nice asian iyawo** to make sushi for you soon..lol lol..

    Have a nice day boy!!! Relax and take a break, you deserve it..Cheers

  3. Chxta says:

    Happy birthday once again.

  4. Mutiu says:

    Hello Azuka!
    Happy Birthday.Many happy returns

  5. biodun says:

    happy 18th bday azuka, wow ur officially an adult right, lol Hope u have a wonderful day n I want my cake o!

  6. CalabarGal, thanks for the song — I can’t remember the last time I got sung for.

    Afropinay, many many thanks! Are you sure the icecream won’t melt on the way? I’ll behave like those ‘native doctors’ who ask you to get them the ‘heart of an ant’ and offer to buy it for you if you can’t :D.

    Thanks, Chxta. Mutiu, I’m grateful.

    Biodun, I’ve been living as an adult for the past two years. At this party there’s not going to be any cake — just beer and rap music.

    As if I drink beer or listen to much else besides classical.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    I hope it’s the best birthday yet, one that makes you howl.
    I wish I could be there to share your special day,
    but since I can’t, I’m sending a wish to your way.

    Though I wasn’t told, I just felt like visiting your website when I eventually saw your words.

    Once more, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    From Nnadozie (Ndee Boy)

  8. awww..happy birthday babe… Lol.. in canada.. they pour beer all over you and beat you the fuck up.. i don’t stand for any of that sha… so I’ll just say happy bday boy.. you’ve entered the big leagues now… we’re solidly behind you sha.. no shakings!!! I dey await my cheesecake oh…

  9. Vera Ezimora says:

    Awww, my blog’s gynaecologist is legal! I guess now you can date me, huh? LOL.

    Happy birthday!! Sorry I’m a day late. That damn Funmi! She came 2 my house and closed my day planner. If she had left it open on my desk the way it ALWAYS is…. but anyways, that’s by the way.

    Happy birthday again. Wish I could help with the ice cream, but I have my own wahala jare. I’m craving isi ewu!

  10. taureanminx says:

    Have a great day!

  11. Boso says:

    Hey, have a good one !!

  12. Buki says:



  13. biola says:

    happy birthday..well we naija filipinos poyr beer and ice into ur butts..hahahahaha

  14. Hey sweetie.. i’m screwed.. numbers, letters and symbols are strangely appearing on my blog.. i was trying to put up my list of favorite blogs and stuff and i don’t know what i clicked or shifted and now my blog is a complete mess… help sweetie.. here or email me [email protected] or just comment on my blog.. but HELP US SISTER OH!

  15. Bona,
    Thanks for dropping by. I’m sorry I forgot to let you know.

    Demo no fit try am wit me!

    Gynae-what? I haven’t found any irrevocable proof that your blog is female — or perhaps I haven’t been looking carefully. Legal to date you, yes, but there’s still the green eye factor.

    Taureanmix, Boso, Buki, thanks for dropping by.

    Biola, thanks. You should have told me before either Leegaya’s or your birthday. I’d have boarded a plane asap for the Phillipines to do the honors.

    If I didn’t mention your name, thanks all the same.

  16. Gbenga says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY…………..i am sorry it came late. FOrgot to do my daily portion of surfing online yesterday due to club rehearsals. Anyway, how does it feel to be 18?………….

  17. mari says:

    Happy birthday once again coz your blog ate up my previous comment. I can believe you are just 18…amazing!!!! All the best and more to come, azuka.

  18. Keshi says:

    Happy 18th Azuka!

    Camne here from Calabar’s blog 🙂

    Have a blast!

  19. Gbenga, I equally apologize for not having mentioned it to you earlier :). Well, 18 sure doesn’t feel very different.

    Thanks Mari. In what way did it eat up the comment?

    Keshi, thanks for dropping by.

  20. Lizzy says:

    Happy Birthday Sweetie. I pray you see more and more of that day in Jesus name. You shall live to declare the works of the Lord. Amen.

  21. Naija Dude! says:

    Never late than never! HAPPY BIRTHDAY man, how has it been like being 18? Loving it yet??

    I remember that day 3 years ago! hmm miss my mummy!!!

  22. everchange says:

    What??? I can’t believe you’re 18! Small boy. You really had me fooled. And another scorpio I see!

  23. Ha ha, Everchange. Age is just a number…

  24. WesleyanA says:

    Happy belated Bday, Zah!!

    so, what does it feel like to be eighteen? nevermind. you already answered that lol
    did the ghannaian(sp?) guy beat you up? I get punched on my birthdays too so i got used to it.

    # # # # #
    {_` ` ` ` `_}
    {_ H A P P Y _}
    {_ B I R T H D A Y _}
    ( `”””””””””””””””””””””` )

  25. WesleyanA says:

    that was supposed to be a cake. lol

  26. Temi, I appreciate the cake. Where on earth have you been hiding? Hit me on AIM.

  27. belle says:

    happy belated birthday sweetie 🙂

    18?!!!!! DANG! You make me feel like an old iya! from (the little i remember), 18 rocks!!!!! May all you want and need this year be supplied to you by God. God bless you and your family.

    PS.. love your blog!

  28. Azuka says:

    Thanks a lot…
    Glad you love it. Easier to read than the previous one, eh?

  29. Segun says:

    Happy *belated* birthday. BTW, I love this blog’s template.

  30. Azuka says:

    Thanks a lot.

    Glad you like it.

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