At 18?

Very few people know I’m 17. Even less know I’ll be 18 tomorrow. Will it feel different? Will I automatically shed my recluse persona and ask my first girl out? Will there be a sense of accomplishment at having crossed that silly invisible line? Honestly I don’t know.

My schedule tomorrow will probably be the same — wake up, run to class, return, do some coding and go to bed, without feeling any different.

Lest I forget, my former roommate Brett turned 20 on Thursday. I was supposed to leave a card for him but he’d already gone home for the festivities. With my family not here, I can be assured no fuss will be made about me, and my birthday’ll pass just the way I like it — silently.


  1. GiGi says:

    lol when i turned eighteen, i spent the day doing homework and then got my period the next day lol

  2. Chxta says:

    Happy birthday. Welcome to the world. Be careful as you are now liable to go to prison. 😀

  3. Chxta

    That late?

  4. Calabar Gal says:

    LOL at shedding ur recluse persona and asking ur first girl out. Please hurry up and do so!!!!

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