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Up Pinays!

I saw this Reuters article and couldn’t resist poking some fun at Leegaya. Perhaps this is why she’s so weird. In other news, if this rumor about another aircrash in Nigeria is true, I wonder where the future of our aviation industry lies.

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FOUR JOBS YOU’VE HAD IN YOUR LIFE CyberCafe Attendant Web and Software Developer Computer Lab Attendant, MSU Library Freelance web developer FOUR JOBS YOU WISH YOU HAD Internet surfer Getting to try out the fastest computers — and keeping them Sleeper Misogynist FOUR MOVIES YOU COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN Drunken Master II Wing […]


For want of something better to do today, I was looking over my site statistics, analyzing the search engine keywords used, etc. Due to my woes with eMachines and w3107 drivers [this model isn’t listed on their site so I get a lot of the hits that would have been theirs], it was natural that […]


I’ve already mocked up a design for Authware and tweaked the database layer — I was able to communicate successfully with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server. Hopefully, any other developer interested should be able to write a layer for mySQLite or some other obscure database. I used PHP 5’s Interface feature — the classes only […]


I must have one of the worst techniques of dealing with stress the world over. I can deal with problems when they come singly, but when they decide to come in droves, I just shut down. There’s the speech I have to give on Tuesday, which ought to have been completed by now, an […]

Over billed

The guy behind the counter at the corner shop [the only other place I shop besides] is usually cleanshaven and amiable looking. When I walked in last night, he was sporting a goatee and looking as if he’d been on drugs. I spent quite a while doing some shopping, reluctant as always to head […]