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ExamDirect, Authware

With little to do to keep me busy, I think the time has come for me to overhaul two scripts I wrote. I installed a development wiki but haven’t done anything worth putting up there. I’ve already come up with a design for Authware — I’ll be posting it on my writing site when I’m […]

Lectures, Lectures

Susan Bonifer, PhD is everything I’ve been told about her and more. I walked into her class yesterday and she was simply excellent. I’m looking forward to a fun but demanding semester. It’s Communications 204 and we’re going to be doing a lot of public speaking in front of the entire class. We got paired […]

Fall Begins

I must have been pretty dumb thinking all this laziness in the name of ‘enjoyment’ was going to last forever. I’ve got classes starting tomorrow. My suite-mates are real friendly, and like me my roommate doesn’t talk. He seems a nice guy when we do anyway. When I saw the name Lee assigned to my […]

What is Wrong?

What’s wrong with me? I’ve gotten over my writer’s block but I run away from pens nowadays. I seem to be scared of doing any writing. Here’s another sample excerpt from my work. ‘You asked for me?’ Coker stepped into the office. His eyes took in everything in the room. The man known as Filatei […]


I installed FC5 yesterday, using the free space on my hard disk. I couldn’t resize the Windows Vista partition on my second hard disk so I’m stuck with running a dismal 19GB on my root partition and 9GB for /home. Luckily, the sound worked this time [probably because last time I used the pre-release version […]

Presentation and Open Source

I have wronged the Open Source movement by misrepresenting them in front of my coursemates. I’d decided to make my presentation without notes. Public speaking has always been my greatest phobia, so I waited while half the class walked up to the front and read out their presentations. I was beginning to sweat just sitting […]