I installed FC5 yesterday, using the free space on my hard disk. I couldn’t resize the Windows Vista partition on my second hard disk so I’m stuck with running a dismal 19GB on my root partition and 9GB for /home. Luckily, the sound worked this time [probably because last time I used the pre-release version of Fedora Core 5]. My network card didn’t work however and I had to bring in my handy USB card. I also had to configure X Server to fix an invisible but active mouse problem.

I forgot to get KDE up and running and I’m not yet so expert as to attempt the installation myself. The university’s connection today was jumpy so yum downloaded all but two of the files I need.

I registered for he Fall semester this morning and discovered I’d be having Miz Bonifer for Commnications 204. I heard she’s the best — I guess I’m going to find out.

Business has been slow for a while. It seems most Freelanc sites want to pick me up only to write WordPress themes which don’t pull in anything and are easy to work with. Hopefully, I’ll start migrating many of my PHP apps to Linux when I figure out how to install Apache and MySQL.

As we say, ‘na small small.’

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