Fall Begins

I must have been pretty dumb thinking all this laziness in the name of ‘enjoyment’ was going to last forever. I’ve got classes starting tomorrow. My suite-mates are real friendly, and like me my roommate doesn’t talk. He seems a nice guy when we do anyway. When I saw the name Lee assigned to my room, I was quite annoyed because I thought he was Chinese [he’s American and completely Caucasian] — don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Chinese people [in fact some people know about my bizarre attraction to the Mongoloid female species of homo sapiens], but I had enough trouble understanding my Korean roommate during the summer.

Blake, the hippie-looking guy in the next room with his long hair and wild beard fit my geek-stereotype and I wormed it out of him yesterday. We had a good laugh over it :lol:.

I weaned myself off a few sites today, especially Nairaland, PHPFreaks and Ajaxfreaks. School begins tomorrow — we don’t want to start off on a falling grade, do we? I’m still trying to give up those fifteen novels I picked from the library. I’ve slowed somewhat — I finished Gorky Park (370 pages) in under seven hours but I could use the frequent naps I took in my defence.

I’m expecting four books from Amazon within this week. The DVD I ordered never arrived and after contacting the seller and getting no response, I filed a claim. I hope I get a refund and some extras [as a Nigerian man, the ‘jara’ principle holds for me ;)].

It looks like Fall is going to be swell. I picked all the reputedly excellent teachers. I hope they give me a good challenge. I’m tired of reading my ears off only to walk into the exam hall and finish in under five minutes. Well, what more can be said except that as lazy as I am, I’m not picking up my books till tomorrow?

I’m eyeing a transfer to a different school that offers scholarships [unlike miserly old Mountain State]. I’ve still got my all-As and I took the placement test in Calculus last semester. This semester I think I’ll place out of the remaining Math courses and whatever ones are available. The bad news is that none of the Computer Science courses is available for placement or I’d have scaled them long ago.

Well, that’s that. If anything, I expect Fall to be anything but boring. Don’t ask me why [that’s my secret].


  1. Afropinay says:

    Yeah Goodluck on your transfer.. Once you move to a bigger Uni and probably the city.. haaaaa.. Public Speaking in action:)
    Im done with school for now.. at least.. take a rest and then Masteral calling..
    Pele. its always not easy to understand a non-English Speaking person..and Asians can be weird especially if you don’t understand each other.. Pele..

  2. Interesting ;). I’m sorry my post was a bit ambiguous — my roommate’s American and I don’t think he has one drop of Asian blood in him.

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