The Farce, a study

I’ve been very busy for some days now, reading books that explore the outlook of women on various aspects of life — sexuality, community, friendship, beauty — and I keep learning new things. Women are exotic and it pays to see things through their eyes in a man’s world.

I’m currently drawing up the psyche of the lady called Ramat and it’s a rewarding experience. She’s bold, yet timid and haunted by many fears. I don’t know whether to continue casting her in her role as a brash reporter. Obviously, I’ll have to start out with her as timid, then move upward, with her growing in confidence.

Mahmoud, our villain is supposed to be a good guy who degenerates into evil. Like Ramat, he’s muslim [partly to re-inforce my belief that muslims can be both good and bad, like christians] but he’s not…

My gosh, I’m giving yout the plot! I’d best end here ;).

I’m using Micosoft Office OneNote for my work and it’s simply super. I can easily assign sections for charcters and for the chapters, then use subsectiosn for Parts [or Books as the case may be].

As soon as I’m through with Profesor Irfan’s paper, I’m going to start working on it tonight — as you’ve guessed, I’m scrapping what I had before.


  1. Gbenga says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm……….so you’ve been exploring the life of a woman?………….well, good innovation from your side.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Gbenga, isn’t that just awesome? lol.. He’s been EXPLORING the life of a woman. lol.. 🙂

    Anyways, Azuka, i read the excerpt already and i think u are doing a good job. I get a copy of the book free cos u know, yeah u understand. lol

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