What’s going On?

This is getting scary. The United States is patrolling Nigerian waters because they want to ‘secure the area from the hands of terrorists and other maritime criminals.’

For God’s sake we don’t have any terrorist attacks in Nigeria! We do have some of the best oil however — Nigerian oil is sulfur-free. So far, no WMDs have been discovered in Iraq but Iraq has been ‘liberated’ and the only thing we hear is about Us and France squabbling over the oil.

The United States under Bush is seriously abusing power. This could be their downfall — afterall, no world power ruled forever. Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Greece and Rome [not in chronological order] all rose and fell. Apparently, only oil-producing countries like Venezuela, Sudan, Iraq and Iran are evil. Nigeria’s joining the list. This article should be interesting.

Thank you Gbenga for the info. Olojukokoro is an apt description. You could add Oloshi and Oloriburuku :grin:.

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