XSLT Transformations

This is something I’ve never tried before. Something told me to make my RSS 2.0 feed readable.

Since I’ve never formatted XML with anystylesheet before, I decided to try my hand at using CSS for my formatting. It was rather dull 😉 so I jumped to the dreaded XSL method — something I ran away from when I tried to learn everything XML.

To my surprise [and delight], it was a piece of cake. I’ve added a line of code to the files responsible for generating the RSS 2.0 and Comments (RSS 2.0) feeds, since more people use RSS 2 than Atom.

Hopefully, it’ll be easier to view from the browser :D.


  1. Rio says:

    Though I’m not a big fan of irrelevant comment postings, I just wanted to thank you for signing up for International Weblogger’s Day. You’ve been successfully added. Be sure to spread the word.



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