Phone call

<Insert appropriate dial tone onomatopoeia here>

Azuka: Hello

Lady on other end:  Hello

A: Is this Third World Grocers?

L: Are you serious? I hope you never find Third World Grocers.

A: …

L: Everyone’s been calling me asking for Third World Grocers.

She hung up. Typical example of what happens when you find a site on Google with out-of-date information on African market addresses and phone numbers.


  1. 2cute4u says:

    So true.. Could be so frustrating..
    How are you?
    Hope you good? Take care

  2. Myne Whitman says:

    At least you did not drive there, had a friend who did that, lol..

    • Azuka says:

      Well, I wouldn’t have called if I could drive there. Sometimes it pays to be considerate and find out just what to expect before asking someone to give you a ride to some unknown destination.

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