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I will be away from blogging for a while. I need to concentrate on a project that’s been long overdue, and the blog world has been getting very heated. I don’t want to have to read the latest ‘Anonymous attacks’ being propagated on certain blogs[1][2][3], and I think I haven’t been doing a lot of […]


I remember them almost like they happened yesterday. I was at school. My aunt hadn’t been getting any work for some months and when she did, it was from clients who kept owing. When a parent from our Port Harcourt group came to visit, I wrote a letter to everyone at home. It was fairly […]


I woke up drenched with cold perspiration, instinctively not daring to move. I felt something cold against my bare feet. Its feel was ticklish, and in another time and place I would have wiggled my toes and laughed but again, something kept me still. Whatever it was moved slowly up my thigh. I looked down […]

Gluteus Maximus

When a person doesn’t talk much, it is almost a given that he develops two other skills to compensate — the art of listening, and the art of observation. I used to be an artist. I would sit and stare at people, hoping to capture them in ways others never saw them with a pen […]