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While I work on my article on my perceptions of the Nigerian police, I thought I’d keep the update hounds at bay with this. I first saw her on my second visit to the nightclub. There was something commanding about her presence and I watched her with more than intrigue as I sipped on my […]


About 50% of my life since I came here has been spent behind my screen. I never would have realized how much the Internet meant to me until the network connection in the dorms went down. No e-mail, no Wikipedia, no blog-hopping, and I was in danger of losing a Scriptlance project I’d worn the […]


I knew trouble when I saw it. Trouble at that moment was Nneka pushing her way through the dancing guests towards me. I had no idea what she wanted but it definitely wasn’t peace. We were at the reception of one of my friends who tied the knot that morning. I wasn’t surprised to see […]


We sat glowering over our glasses at each other. A muscle twitched in his jaw and he was holding his glass so tightly I thought it would explode in his hand. Sarah returned from the Ladies’ and took her seat between us. There were the beginnings of a smile on her lips and I guessed […]


I had just come back down from the third floor where Kwame, Amir and I had been trying to solve some questions in readiness for the second part of Dr Hodge’s Calculus II test today (it’s 1:37 am). My clothes had been sitting in the washing machine for a while and I remembered to stop […]